The Leading Edge In The New Millennium Telecom Technology

The products and services offered by  Digital Telecom Systems, Inc. or DTS  encompass wide ranging endeavor. DTS undertakes the study, evaluation and preparation of engineering/technical plans, bill of materials for diverse systems such as HF/SSB voice and data Network, VHF-UHF FM/AM two-way radio system from simple system to complex digital trunked radio systems, Microwave/Multiplex System, EPABX outside plant installation, Public Address System, Paging System, CCTV, Building Security Management System, Weather Instrument, GEMS-Global Environmental Modelling Systems, Tower and others.

Products and Services

DTS also has the capability to supply, deliver, install, test and commission the system and equipment to conform to the requirements of the customer. More importantly than just supplying and commissioning the equipment, DTS believes in the importance and value of a dependable pre-sales and reliable after sales service and support which will not only provide satisfaction to the users but will further enhance the prestige and reputation of our company that will eventually result in the increase in the potential volume of sales. In support to our equipment market, DTS likewise sells, supplies and delivers spare parts, accessories and other related telecom peripherals. We can also supply various electronics and communications test and monitoring devices.